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HSEI is putting the fun back in esports with the Versus Tournament Series. Remember the saying, it's not about winning or losing but how you play the game? Well, with the Versus Tourneys it's truly about how you play the game because getting to the top of the leaderboard will rarely depend on the final score.  

I told you we were going to have some fun! Are you ready?

Im In. Tell me more about the Versus Tournaments.

HSEI Versus is open to current U.S. high school students with a twitch account. Powered by the Gamerz Arena platform, each contest will run 24 hours and the objectives will vary. Score the most goals in Rocket League, get the most kills in CS:GO or score the most passing touchdowns in Madden 18 to WIN! The top gamer at the end of each contest will earn a chance to (review contest details for more info) select a pretty cool prize. Make friends, make plays, make it to the top of the leaderboard, but above all - HAVE FUN!

Awesome Sauce! When do the contest start?

Check here for games, contest rules and start times. *All contest are free to enter.

Let's Do This! Where do I sign up?

Get updates for HSEI 2018!

For all the latest info, including thefull launch of sign up below.

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